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Welcome to the Home Finance Site! My name is Sandra Baublitz. I hope to offer my opinions and advice on managing your personal finances. The Home Finance site will explore topics from saving on auto expenses to managing home costs to financial planning. The financial crisis and recession have dented many people’s finances. Here we will find ways to improve our money handling to ease some of the financial burdens imposed in today’s economy.

I have over twenty years’ experience managing my money and investing. I own my own home and have dealt with numerous home maintenance problems and the financial costs. Frugality and saving money are a mainstay in my household.

I learned early in life to save to be able to afford the things I wanted. Like many parents, my mom and dad gave me an allowance. They encouraged me to save a portion of it each month. I soon learned how far (and not so far) my money could go. I quickly began to adjust my spending to get the most from my money.

I come from a long line of frugal family members. Both sets of my grandparents were farmers and had to manage their money carefully. They learned through the Great Depression what essential purchases were and what could be left on the shelf since money was incredibly tight. My parents had similar tight times when they were first married. As a result they have instilled in me important money saving and handling practices.

You may recognize me as the Investing Editor at BellaOnline. It is through my careful spending and saving that I was able to invest. I hope through both sites to improve your financial life.

I love to spend time with my cats, to garden, do yoga, and read when I am not writing. Some of these topics will show up in my articles on managing the expenses of pet care and growing a garden to save money.

Wishing you a successful and comfortable financial life!

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