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Investing in your future is important! Learn ways to invest to make money.

A Fresh Look At U.S. Savings Bonds star
The ongoing financial crisis has individual investors scurrying for "safe" havens. Many are taking a closer look at U.S. Savings Bonds.

A Quick Glance At Balanced Mutual Funds star
Should I invest for growth? Or, primarily for income? One "compromise" or middle-of-the-road approach is a balanced mutual fund.

Avoiding Common Investing Mistakes star
When it comes to investing, success and failure are closely intertwined. Every investing mistake is an opportunity for future success. Let us take a brief look at some of the most common investing mistakes.

Bellaonline´s Investment Site star
Take advantage of the knowledge and skill of Bellaonline´s Investment Editor, Tony Daltorio. His articles will help you learn about investing and enhance your investing skills. He will take you beyond the basics of investing and will teach you how to pick your own stocks, manage a portfolio of ETFs, and outperform the pros.

Costs Of Variable Annuities star
A variable annuity is a tax-deferred investment vehicle usually for the purpose for providing retirement income. But there is a downside: the fees.

Dividend Reinvestment Plans star
Many individuals are intrigued by dividend reinvestment plans (DRIPs). What are the advantages and disadvantages of dividend reinvestment plans?

Essential Bond Terms FAQ star
Become acquainted with basic bond terms!

Everyday Economic Terms star
Learn the economic terms involved in investing.

Exploring Mutual Funds star
Quick overview of the various types of mutual funds. Understanding the investment objective of a mutual fund is critical to building a diversified portfolio.

Facts About UGMA Accounts star
When it comes to saving and investing for college, there are several types of plans. Brief discussion of the benefits and disadvantages of UGMA accounts.

Generating Investment Income star
When it comes to building a "well-rounded" portfolio, the income component is often under-emphasized. Being able to draw upon even a "small" stream of income during pre-retirement years can be advantageous.

How Long Before You Become A Millionaire star
How long before you become a millionaire? This always an exciting question to ponder. Here are 3 "real-life" scenarios. As an exercise, try to see how you fit into any of these scenarios.

How To Calculate The Time Value of Money star
The old adage, "time is money", really is true! Here's an easy, versatile calculation for virtually any type of financial objective!

Keeping Up With Your Stock Portfolio star
Cultivating a sound stock portfolio can be a time-consuming challenge requiring diligent research and study.

Mutual Fund Class Shares star
Sales loads in combination with various fees can work to reduce your total rate of return. Distinguishing between the various classes of mutual fund shares, particularly with regard to sales loads and fees, is just one critical measure in the selection process of an appropriate fund.

Mutual Fund Services star
Since millions of individual investors hold mutual funds, it is extremely beneficial to take a brief look at the most common types of services mutual fund companies offer.

Mutual Funds And Tax Deferred Variable Annuities star
Since a tax-deferred variable annuity is basically a "mutual fund placed in an annuity wrapper", it is not surprising that potential investors often compare the features, merits and disadvantages of these two types of financial products.

Preferred Stocks star
Preferred stocks are alluring primarily because of their comparatively higher yield. Brief discussion of preferred stocks.

Price Earnings Ratio Explained star
Price earnings ratio (P/E) is one calculation used to value a stock. The P/E ratio gives a snapshot of how a stock is performing in relation to the stock market or its industry. Do you know how to use it to your advantage?

Reviewing End Of Year Mutual Fund Statements star
Reviewing your end-of-year mutual fund statement is extremely beneficial from a financial planning perspective. It contains specific core items of particular relevance and value.

Selecting A Mutual Fund star
When it comes to selecting an appropriate mutual fund, there is more to consider than just the rate of return.

The Importance of Dividends In Total Return star
Dividend income can play a crucial role in the total return on an investment.

Types of Common Stock star
There are two types of stock: common and preferred. Common stocks often referred to as "stocks" are probably the most familiar to the public. Brief introduction and overview of various stock classifications.

Understanding Annuities star
Although annuities attract a great deal of attention, they can be complex and confusing. Here's a brief overview of annuities and how they work.

Understanding Dividends star
In the pursuit of capital growth, many investors often overlook the importance of dividends.

What Is Dollar Cost Averaging star
Dollar cost averaging is a popular investment term that frequently turns up in any discussion of money management. However, many people have questions about the "theory" of dollar cost averaging.

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